This unit was purchased on 8th July 2005 from a Melbourne discount PC retailer.

I didn't waste any time getting the cover off. :)

Does these innards look familiar? Is this a rebadged unit or are MSI the actual manufacturer?

To see more detail, here is a link to the full sized image. (NB: this is a 16 megapixel image so your browser may not like it.)

Note the 10 pin header to the right (JP2), and the 14 pads above it (JP1)

List of IC's:

UPDATE This unit looks almost identical to the MN54G4R Minitar Wireless 802.11G Residential Gateway (archived pic here)
The MSI RG54GS2 adds a print server (via USB) so this is most likely 100% identical to the Minitar (hardware wise)

(Click for a larger view of the outside case - MSI RG54G2) at rowan (reverse username and domain to email me...)